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My great uncle Walter did big game hunting before WW II, and I have inherited some of his big guns, mostly H&H rifles.

Some of them get shot once or twice a year due the extreme cost of the some of the shells or just the extreme recoil. I even let the occasional "big game hunters" try some of the bigger bores, Some of them have scaled back the size of what ever they shot, a 600 NE is a lot of rifle to squeeze the trigger on.

He did have some more reason rifles such as a 30-06.

The thing that I remember that the more modern ammo he shot was a half cup with a swaged bullet. The less modern were cast bullets.

Are the bullets of today that much better than the ones from the 1920s and 30s? Uncle Walter always came home with trophies, not white tail deer, but like Rhinos and Lions.

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