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I have 3 sons who live in Green River, Wyoming. Every time I go over we take a few hours out to go to the City Park and do a little shooting. This time I took my TC Contender in 30-30 and an old Marlin 336 in 30-30.

The City Council of Green River, in its wisdom has created a geat little 500 yard shooting range complete with a covered fireing line and shooting benches. There is a sign that askes the users to be safe and please don't litter. There is sufficient garbage disposal for shot up boxes etc.

I have lilved my whole life in the west where guns are in evidence everywhere and everyone has one, but I have never seen a city with the guts to sponser a shooting range within the city limits. My hat goes off to Green River, Wyoming.

I'll second the Hats Off to 'Green River. That is just wonderful.:)
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