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My latest purchase!

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Salesmanship and an open mind can be powerful, especially if the mind is open as in void!:eek: What do I need another handgun for?:rolleyes: But, alas, I had to have it, so....

It's been really hot here this summer and I've been wearing as little as possible, making it difficult and uncomfortable to conceal standard handguns. This little thing slips in a pocket, appears to be very safe fully loaded and packs considerable punch in the .22 Magnum.:) I've shot about 20 rds thru it and out to 15 yds it appears a viable weapon, certainly better than my fist.:eek:

The jury is still out but I think its a pretty good piece for what its intended to be, a deeply concealed last ditch personal defensive weapon. So far I like it but I won't be selling my XD in .45ACP or any of my other handguns because I have this.:cool:
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Nice powerful little back-up. Hope you never have
to use it, but it's there if you do need it.

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