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My new Ruger LC9 safety

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If it's not working as intended, then Ruger will warranty the repair.
My understanding is that it is supposed to lock the slide.

The gun does need to be 'cocked' in order to engage the safety fully. If the safety is not fully engaged then the gun can fire when the trigger is pulled.
Mine does not do that on my lc9 or sr9. It completely locks the slide up. There is only a mm of play with the slide wen the safety is engaged. Ruger will fix that for you.
Different slide?

Looking at my LC9 (340-7xxxx, 2011), the angle on the notch goes 'down and forward'. It obviously was never intended to lock the slide.
Yours is different as its angle is 'down and toward the rear' - apparently to snag the safety and lock the slide.
I'll second getting Ruger to look at it. They will make it right and that's just one reason why I buy Ruger.
Call or E-mail Ruger and ask the folks who made it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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