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When I was 12, Dad gave me a Savage 219 Zipper for my birthday (October) and then took me hunting. It had iron sights and was a break-action, single-shot, and I wasn't very accurate. I fired rounds but never got a deer with it. I shot deer with Dad's scoped 30-06, but never with my 219. Thirty years later, I took my son out hunting for his first time. I gave him the 30-06 and took the 219 for myself; by now I had found a scope mount in a gun store that fit it. My son walked off to track a buck we saw and I wandered the other way through the pines until I came to the open edge of a little glade with a couple deer in it. I moved slowly closer as far as I dared, sat down, braced the gun with my elbows on my knees, put the cross hairs just behind the shoulder and squeezed...
The deer jumped and then stood there, hunched. It trotted into some brush a short way beyond. I called my son and we started to search. My son called to me. There was a deer down on its side. But no blood. I felt the hide, it was warm, I rubbed my fingers through the hair behind the shoulder, there was a wet spot, a little 1/4 inch hole. When I cleaned it, I recovered my bullet from just under the hide on the far side, with plenty of deer stopping damage connecting the two.
I often get my 219 out to go varmit hunting or to drive tacks in targets, (with that fast little bullet and the scope, it is deadly accurate,) but it doesn't have to hunt deer any more, it has finally gotten its own!
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