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Well, I meet with the lawyers on monday, but they say go ahead and get started so here I am:

The time has come that we need to band together as a national and international voice for hound hunting. So I am starting a national hound association.
To my mind it will represent the members of the hound hunting society, teaching both young and old, hunter and non hunter, the history of hounding, the conservation behind hounding, the ethics and traditions of hounding as a national pastime. Hounding is part and parcel of our Heritage as Americans.

Believe me, I am not a joiner, I hate joining things, really do, much less starting associations to have others join!

But we need to get organized better if we are going to be heard at the state and federal level.

So Monday I set up a non profit organization for the purposes of education, fellowship and conservation as relates to hound hunting.

Any one want to throw out a name for the group let's hear it. ANyone want to join? better still. Like the NRA, MADD, and the Miltary our strength will depend on numbers.

We'll have to go over the final figures but it looks like we can make a go of it on $60,000 a year to cover the national scene just to get our feet wet. I'm hoping for lots of volunteer officers, and board members to pull their end of the rope in their section of the country.

Target is 6,000 members at $10 a piece per year and well go from there.

This is your group folks, you have ideas or concerns let's hear them!

What started this?

Well, right now I have it on good authority from three senators that hound hunting will be outlawed in a number of western states and several eastern ones by the 2005-2006 season.

That barely gives us time to get organized.

I know we can get a phone call at 10PM about fresh tracks and have a hunt ready to go by 4 am sharp so I think if anyone can get this together it will be us.

I finally understood the saying if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.

please email me through here and at home my email is [email protected] and my name is Bob Weber

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Being from the South and growing up hunting deer with dogs, I can well understand what you are trying to do. There are various groups in Florida trying to put pressure on the politcos to keep land open todog hunting. Most private clubs dog hunt..
However, from past experiences on national forums, you have a hard row to hoe. In the North with snow, free running dogs cause a great deal of damage (along with the da** coyotes)....but in the South deer bed up more in the day. Dog hunting was a traditional sport! I have mentioned of traditional dog hunting on many forums and the backlash was swift! Good Luck!
Best Regards, James

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Count me in. I have always enjoyed hunting with dogs, whether running rabbits with beagles or bird-hunting with my own retrievers.

When you get an address (P.O. box) post it and I'll spread to some other dog-friendly boards.

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excellent Mike!

that's just the right attitude to keep hounding open. Deer hounding has been closed here for over 100 years, we lost bear a couple years ago.

all because the hunting clubs kept themselves divided and separate, they all were so worried about their club not getting top billing or credit for the save that we lost!

there were other factors too, but alot of the loss was due to infighting and the attitude of 'they will never end it, we've been doing it for 300 years'.

The NHHA can be reached through Jim Williams at 1134 East Road, Bennington, VT 05201 if by mail or by email through my office for now at [email protected]

The membership is swelling by the hundreds from coast to coast and as usual our only enemy is ourselves!

The local and state clubs wise enough to join the NHHA see it in the right way. It is no different than your local Rod&gun club being a member of the NRA, your club supports the NRA and the NRA supports you right back, but can your club get bills passed or vetoed in congress? not likely, but the power of a national charter is what makes the difference when on capital hill.
keep in mind there are no dues right now, I am paying for this out of my own pocket at this stage, all that is needed is the members name and mailing address, since the newsletter goes out by US mail and we need to have a registry to show how many members there are.

Mission Statement

The goal of the National Hound Hunters Association is to promote and preserve the heritage and tradition of hunting with hounds through education, conservation and political action at the local, state and federal levels.

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