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I thought about this process for much to long before i tried it just last month.Theres lots more testing to be done but heres what i have so far. DW 445SM 8in.barrel   Starline brass,Fed150 primer,Sierra 250gr sil bullet,AA1680 powder. Useing cases from my last outing but not resized, i punched out spent primers with tool from Lee Loader kit.Than using standard 44mag.carbide die i sized case down just enough to seat for bullet length.By the way have you ever noticed how nice your brass fits the chamber after its fired? Real nice huh! Using Sierra manual as a guide they list 38.7 gr/AA1680as max for the 250fpj at 1600fps.I started at 35gr + got 1480 fps avg. Going to 37gr i got 1560fps avg. Going to 38gr i got 1640fps avg.This is almost 1gr.less powder than Serria listed as max.but i was getting more velocity + the cases showed absoluty no resistince to sticking.Using this methold i think i could safely reach 1700+fps in my gun.I would think this would result in more accurate ammo for sure, something i didn't check, because this gun shoots [email protected] with regular loads. There is a lot less working of the brass thats for sure! I notice when full length resizing when i get at published max, cases get sticky! Now i know this little test dont prove much but i will continue. There is definitely something there if you want more speed without overloading,which i think there's a lot of going on! By the way these cases drop right back in the chambers.     Royce
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