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Something is not right here. Neck tension on Full Length sized cases should always be much higher than what you describe.

I have no experience with Hornady dies, but the downloadable instructions don't seem much different from most other manufacturers:

Can I suggest you remove the "Eliptical Expander/Decap Assembly" from the die and measure the diameter of the expander. It should be about the diameter of the bullet you should be using.

The typical reloading full length sizing die squashes the case neck way smaller than necessary, then drags the expander through the way-too-small case neck, returning the case neck Internal Diameter to something a few thousandths smaller than the bullet.

Size a case without the Expander in place, and measure the case neck Internal Diameter. Re-install the Expander and run the case up far enough to run the case neck over the Expander, then remove the case from the press and again measure the case neck ID.

Also, measure your bullets. If you are using a cheap Caliper to measure with, expect them to be off about .002". Expect projectiles from major manufacturers to be precisely the diameter they are supposed to be, and use them as gauge blocks.
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