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You can purchase a copy of Lyman's Bullet Casting Handbook at most well equiped gun shop or find it online. Handloader magazine has a compilation of the articles that have appeared in the magazine. The Cast Bullet Association has put the news letters 'The Fouling Shot' into bundles of years giving articles and advice.
The 'Fouling Shot' is a masters degree in bullet casting.
I've been casting for 25 years, I think? I do two types of casting, production of pistol bullets, quanity with good quality, and rifle bullets, precision.
For pistol bullets I set down with two four cavity molds for the same bullet 255 grain SWC Saeco, two or three 20 pound pots and cast a bunch of bullets. When I get tired my buddy spells me, then we switch off. For a summers shooting we will spend three or four days, 6 to 8 hour days casting. A whole lot of wheel weight ingots get melted down. All bullets are sized in a Star lube sizer with LBT lube.
For rifles I'll work with one two cavity mold and use one pot of alloy to make a production lot. That lot stays together and is loaded together. All bullets are weighted and measured for uniformity. The rejects go into the next production lot.
I'll get 250 to 350 bullets to a lot, depending on my quality control while casting.
Anything I can help with let me know.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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