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I have been shooting firearms for over 40 years, and reloading for about 20 years, always with components that I purchased from others. I have cast some lead fishing sinkers but never any bullets. Now I think that I might want to try bullet casting, but have very little understanding of what is involved or the cost of a casting set-up. It is my understanding that the bullets are cast in a mold, then run trough a lubing/sizing die to bring the bullet to its final diameter. That is the extent of my knowledge. Can anyone explain the basic steps that are followed in casting bullets, and a list of the equipment needed? I am primarily interested in casting 45 LC, .357, and .30 calibers. If I go ahead with casting I intend to buy the R. Lee book for more specific instructions, but a little overview right now would be mighty helpful. Thanks for the help. DGR
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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