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DGR160. Welcome to bullet casting. I am not an expert (on anything), although I have cast a few zillion bullets using almost exclusviely Lee melting pots and moulds. I size the bullets and attach gas checks, when necessary using the Lee sizing dies. Work like a charm. When I read about people having to use heaters and who knows what else, I just shudder. Before I got into pouring my own, I asked an oldtime revolver shooter what was involved in casting. My goodness, I am sure that Patton readied for the run to Berlin with less trouble than this fellow made bullet casting out to be. Dean Grennell wrote an article somewhere that caught my eye, about not necessarily having to size EVERY bullet that you cast, and the rest is history. Some of my bullets, mostly revolver, aren't sized, just simply tumble lubed. Try to get a copy of that article and read it before you go out and buy $10,000 worth of stuff you may not want after a while. I'll dig around in my piles of books and see if I can find it. Despite the grumblings from some, I have had little trouble with Lee aluminum moulds, with the first bullet out often being fit to shoot. (I am certainly not an Olympics-class shooter. It's too bad there isn't an Olympic category for BS'ing, or just plain shooting LOTS).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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