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Hi there

I have a little problem and I thought I'd post here and see if anyone here was able to help. I reside in the USA but have 2 firearms in South Africa that I am trying to get import permits for. Now in order to fill out the ATF paperwork, I need all the info relating to the guns. I really have no idea what barrel length they are and this needs to be listed. Obvious thing to ask is why not measure them? Well they are in storage at a shop in South Africa and to get in touch with the guys is a hassle, especially with a 7 hr time difference.

Anyone know how to track down the model info of the below listed firearms? Serial numbers are given.

Thanks in advance

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You might try sending those people in South Africa, an E-Mail with the information that you need on the two rifles. I am positive they will give you what you need for the legal paper work. An E-mail doesn't cost you a dime of money and it far faster than a land line in some cases.;) :)

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Sorry no one has been able to come up with specific info.

I can tell you, other than meeting the minimum length requirements, the ATF should not care what barrel lengths are. People change out barrels on rifles all the time and it matters not one bit.

Anyway, in case you were not aware, the minimum barrel length for rifles is 16" in this country, and 18" for shotguns.

If the guns are typical, the rifle barrel is probably between 22" and 26," and the shotgun between 26" and 30". If I had to guess on a piece of paper, I would pick the middle measurements of 24" and 28," respectively.

A good question is, who inspects them on entry to the U.S.? If it's Customs, I doubt they care. If it's the ATF, yeah, they might get a tape measure out....

Just my thoughts.

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Welcome to the forum. Rules are to join in, have fun, and play nicely with the rest of us kids.

I think if I absolutely could not find the data, I would just put "over 16 inches" for the rifles and "over 18 inches" for the shotguns. See if they'll accept that? This is assuming those statements are true, which is likely if these are not altered firearms.

Alternately, contact Krico, HERE to see what model your serial number is? They should be able to tell you the barrel length from that.

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Greener's website appears to be under construction. I suggest you call or e-mail them and get them to give you their model number and barrel length from your serial number. They've only been making guns for 181 years, and are bound to remember their baby. They should be able to give you the original barrel length, and, assuming the gun is unaltered, that will be valid to use.

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