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Need help picking a 223 bullet for coyotes

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I'm looking for little fur damage. Will probably never shoot past 200 yrds more probably 150 or under. I have three I'm leaning toward, Winchester white box 45gr jhp varmint, Hornady 55gr Vmax and the Russian made Brown Bear 62gr sp. I was thinking the 45 and 55 would be explosive on impact and might stay in the animals but I have no experience to know. Also was thinking the 62gr sp might just make a little hole in and a little bigger hole going out. All three shoot well enough and would like someone with experience shooting coyote with 223cal bullets to give me their opinions
Thank and sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this question. I'm still sort of new here.
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Is that a factory loaded round?

And jeees O peeets man that must have hurt like the dickens. What happen your bow explode?
I guess I'll start off with the Remington 55gr PSP. If that doesn't give the desired effect
then I'll try one of the lighter more explosive bullets. My object is to collect some nice winter hides but that will be second to the thrill of calling in these wiley coyotes.
Wow, three year old post. Redtail, I have been using a Savage 24 and not sure of the twist rate in these but a friend loaded up some Hornady V-max 55's and they shoot great. I like having the 20ga w/#4 buck for any that might come in close on the run. I haven't been able to go but a couple times a year and have only taken one. It was at about 50yd and stopped broadside and the bullet hit a rib and blew up inside. I didn't save the pelt as it was mid summer and it looked bad. Hoping to get out soon again.
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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