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Need help picking a 223 bullet for coyotes

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I'm looking for little fur damage. Will probably never shoot past 200 yrds more probably 150 or under. I have three I'm leaning toward, Winchester white box 45gr jhp varmint, Hornady 55gr Vmax and the Russian made Brown Bear 62gr sp. I was thinking the 45 and 55 would be explosive on impact and might stay in the animals but I have no experience to know. Also was thinking the 62gr sp might just make a little hole in and a little bigger hole going out. All three shoot well enough and would like someone with experience shooting coyote with 223cal bullets to give me their opinions
Thank and sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this question. I'm still sort of new here.
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Now when a trapper friend of mine, was collecting fur, I used a lightweight bullet that would fragment inside and not give an exit hole. However one must be very careful not to drive that bullet to fast, nor do you want to strike the shoulder with your bullet. You don't want to end up with a 3 inch rose hole on the entry.;):)
Big 5, has given you what to expect from bullets in general! YOU must choose that bullet and velocity as well, distance will also be a factor. I have used my rifle using light bullets and hitting a shoulder will leave a 3 inch rose wound, not good for fur buyers!:eek:

I used to try and go with a 55 grain bullet (not a hollow point!) solid base and slow them down to 2800fps. This seemed to work well for me under 200 yards. It is simply a chore of experiment in that regards, trying to keep damage to pelts at a minimum. My little .222 was great for this kind of hunting and shooting job. I used Sierra bullets back in those days, now I use Hornady for the most part. I don't save fur pelts any more though!:)
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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