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Need help picking a 223 bullet for coyotes

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I'm looking for little fur damage. Will probably never shoot past 200 yrds more probably 150 or under. I have three I'm leaning toward, Winchester white box 45gr jhp varmint, Hornady 55gr Vmax and the Russian made Brown Bear 62gr sp. I was thinking the 45 and 55 would be explosive on impact and might stay in the animals but I have no experience to know. Also was thinking the 62gr sp might just make a little hole in and a little bigger hole going out. All three shoot well enough and would like someone with experience shooting coyote with 223cal bullets to give me their opinions
Thank and sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this question. I'm still sort of new here.
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The very frangible bullets, VMax, TNT, BlitzKing, BT and most light, generic HP's, work the best when everything goes right. But you need a clean broadside, direct frontal or quartering away shot. These situations will offer you the best chance of a small entrance wound and internal bullet disintegration with no exit. You will sometimes experience an ugly, large exit wound with any of these bullets with a desired broadside shot scenario. When faced with a quartering towards or any other shot angle that brings the shoulder bone into play you have a good chance of an entrance splash wound. Even seen ribs cause splash entrance wounds.

I've found I get less chance of ugliness when using a more solid bullet. PSP's, Partitions, and solid copper bullets will have a much higher chance of an exit wound but less chance of it being explosive on either side of the yote.

Edit - Despite this, I use the Speer 52g HP bullet. It has splashed a couple of times on me, still fatal hits, but it just shoots very consistently and liquifies their internals.
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Coyote pelts are selling in the mid-$20 range now. The fur market has been excellent this year.

Like I said earlier, it's a crapp shoot with fur damage.
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