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NEF Handi Rifle

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Hello. I just bought a NEF Handi Rifle in 30-06. It is as new, "22 inch barrel. I suspect someone bought it, took it out and fired it full house with no muffs and brought it back. I plan to put a scope on (no choice anyway - no sights!) and use it for fun target shooting. I will try different cast loads, and as well I'll try out my auxiliary cartridge in .30 M1 with my trusty 93 gr Lee WW loads. Has anybody had any experience with these little rifles. I realize that they aren't in the Ruger class, so I don't need to be told that. I see I need med/high mounts to clear the hammer. Thanks.
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I have had the NEF in 270, 30-06 and 223, and they are all outstanding. I used the Simmons high relief scope and forward mounting on all of them, and it is a very good solution.

All single shots mount scopes directly on the barrel, not a receiver, and this is advantageous from an accuracy perspective. From a functional perspective the NEF is better than the Encore T/C or even Ruger, because it reloads faster, and takes down very quickly.

Its no big deal to put a 5 round ammo belt on the stock and with very little practice you can actually reload and hit something in about 3 seconds.

My favorite was an NEF 30-30 I cut to a 19 inch bbl with a good crown and gave to my Dad for Xmas. He was loosing sight in his right eye and had to hunt left handed. I kept him supplied with handloaded 150 gr Nosler ballistc tips, seated to the lands, and he won our camp's iron sight 100 yard competition every year until he stopped hunting 8 years later. 12 PA deer were taken with 12 shots.

He also harvested a number of camp eating porcupines with the Remington 30-30 accelerators.
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Ralph -

Sorry for the lack of detail.

Yes, it is a simmons Shotgun scope, 4X, and mounted in front of the hammer. Eye relief is about 5.5 inches. Its flush with the breech when you take it down, so it travels well.
The NEF I currently have is a Survivor model in .223, and I use mid-rise rings, just because that's what I have. I think the best way to set one up is to go to a store and sight over the model you want. This will give you an idea concerning minimun ring height. I think this height is very much dependent on the shooter's hold and other preferances.
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