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NEF Handi Rifle

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Hello. I just bought a NEF Handi Rifle in 30-06. It is as new, "22 inch barrel. I suspect someone bought it, took it out and fired it full house with no muffs and brought it back. I plan to put a scope on (no choice anyway - no sights!) and use it for fun target shooting. I will try different cast loads, and as well I'll try out my auxiliary cartridge in .30 M1 with my trusty 93 gr Lee WW loads. Has anybody had any experience with these little rifles. I realize that they aren't in the Ruger class, so I don't need to be told that. I see I need med/high mounts to clear the hammer. Thanks.
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I have three nef rifles. 223 ultra rifle 22 hornet and of course 45/70 . My 223 is probably one of the most accurate out of the box rifles Ive ever shot.It shoots 40 grn. to 55grn. bullets into the same point of impact out to 200 yds. The 45/70 is just plain fun to shoot
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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