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New 425gr in 45/70

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I've ordered and received my 425 grain .460" from Marshall. He called and asked about how they shot. Truth is I haven't even loaded any as my brass is all loaded with his 405LFNGC!

I plan to use H335 to start with when I do get to them, with 53.5 grains as max. Maybe 48grains to start? I'll be shooting them with a Marlin 1895G.

Anyone have any reports on these new BTB's yet? They've got a .375" meplat, so they should deliver major shock waves on terminus! What's your load? Accuracy? Kills and results this fall?

Thanks all!
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HR53- I spent yesterday at the range chrony'ing and target testing some loads using the RCBS FNGC which weighed about 417. I haven't tried Marshall' s so can't comment but his larger meplat sounds good to me. I was using ovenhardened bullets and was generally trying to see if the accuracy fell away at any given point. It didn't and with Reloader 7 I reached an average velocity for 3 shots of 1975 from my 22" 86ELR. Recoil was substantial. I also used IMR3031 and at a grain for grain load the IMR powder gave up about 200 FPS ( the same weight of each powder). Throughout the comparison my groups were consistently tighter using 3031. This may be because the slower loads were easier to control or maybe it just is more accurate with cast bullets. I didn't reach what I would consider max with the loads I had but suspect the Reloader 7 loads were only a grain or less away. For a full house load for big game I suppose the Reloader 7 is the way to go but the recoil is too heavy for continual range practice. My middle finger on my right hand has a big knot on it today from hitting the lever and I'm happy I had a Past shoulder pad on as that steel butt plate doesn't have much give. I don't think I'll post the actual top loads as there is so much variance in the rifles chambered for this cartridge. New Marlins and new 86's will digest them O.K. and Ruger and new Browning singles will. My starting load for each powder was 45 grains though and went up from there firing a total of 30 rounds with each powder. I used Fed 215's with the 3031 and Fed 210's with the Re.7. There was zero leading in the rifle and it almost looked like a scrubbed bore it was so clean. Don't we have fun? besto.
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