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I'm no fan of Lee molds!  However I do have a solution to you gentlemen with problems with the bullets sticking.  ( I think!!! )

Cast a couple bullets from the mold out of straight wheel-weight alloy, and leave them in the mold to cool.  Then, using the sprue plate as a guide, drill a hole in the base of the bullet, directly through the sprue plate to center the drill.  Drill into the bullet about a quarter of an inch or perhaps a little more. Open the sprue plate, then thread an appropriate size machine screw into the hole, then cut off the head of the screw.  Remove the screw/bullet assembly from the mold, and chuck the screw shank into a variable speed power drill.  Then, using some powdered pumice (ground off of a toilet scouring bar), lightly dust the inside of your bullet mold cavities, and close the mold with light firm hand-pressure around the bullet/screw assembly.  Then very slowly rotate the unit in the pumice dusted mold cavity.  This will burnish off any burrs in the cavity, and will, with prolonged use, very uniformly open-up a mold cavity to thow a larger diameter bullet if desired.

Bullets should drop from your mold quite easily after thusly treating them.


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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