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Here's the newest in the Beartooth Family of .45 Caliber Rifle bullets.   A .45-325g FNGC bullet (of RCBS design)  This bullet can be sized appropriately for the Marlins and shoots superbly in them!   For those wanting less than the 405g LFN kills all, this might fill the bill!

This bullet will be packaged in boxes of 50 bullets/box.  Price is &#3610.25 shipping weight is 3 lbs.

You folks have been asking for a 300-350g pill for the .45-70's, and after testing many, this one meets the criteria for performance and accuracy.



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Excellent choice!! This is one of my favorite bullets. I took a nice doe with one of these bullets last season. Only one shot was required. She only ran about 15-20 yards. A truly superior bullet.--------------------------> Bob

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This is also a great bullet for the .45 Colt. I've been using it since 1997 in my Marlin Cowboy.  I shoot them at .457 dia. since fired cases from my gun will take a .459" dia. bullet.

Without gas checks, mine weigh 315 grs. in wheelweights. I like 20 grs. of 4227 for about 1280 f.p.s.  I load this combination to an o.a.l. of  1.580" and
crimp over the front band.  At this length, they will work in both the Winchester '92 and Marlin '94 Cowboy.  

This load is just the ticket for the Buffalo stage at the Cowboy Action Club where I shoot.  You have to hit them to count but I'm not satisfied with that!  I need to see them fall, and this loading does just that!  

With gas checks, I typically use 20 grs. / 296 for 1350 f.p.s. and load them to crimp in the crimp groove which gives an o.a.l. of 1.670".  This works fine in the Marlin'94 but is too long for the Winchester '92.  Seat them to 1.580" for this rifle.  A friend of mine who has the '92 tried this combination and he has yet to find a load that is more accurate.

Speaking of accuracy, both of these combinations will do 2 to 3 m.o.a. reliably if I do my part.  They shoot great out at the the N.R.A. High Power Silhouette pig bank at the 300 meter mark.  I had one group that went 7" for 5 shots!  When the weather gets better, I'm going to stretch the barrel a bit more and them a try at 500 meters.

I'll let you know the results.
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