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new a good load for 480 ruger

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i need a good load for a 480 ruger . using a 355gr bearstooth cast bullet. with gas check. can anybody help... thanks :confused:
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HI! I'm new to this forum, just migrated from the Marlin forum. I have a 480 SRH with 9 1/2 bbl. While I don't have a specific load for your bullet, I do have a couple good ones;

Speer 274 gr GDHP
WW 296 34.0 grs
CCI 350 Primer
Velocity: 1,690 fps (Speer data, same gun)
Accuracy: 1 1/2" 5-shot group @ 50 yds, 3 group avg.

CPB 410 gr WFNGC (Cast Performance Bullets)
WW 296 21.5 grs
CCI 350 Primer
Velocity: 1,250 fps (Chronograph)
Accuracy: 1 1/4" 5-shot group @ 50 yards, 3 group avg.

All testing was done with a Burris 2-7x scope set at 5x. WW 296 and H110 powders are the same, so I stuck with my large stash of 296. I did try Hodgon Lil' Gun. It was to erratic on pressure. I would ease up on max 0.5 grs at a time. The Lil'Gun powder would start to show a slightly flattened primer, then wam. A 0.5 gr increase and you had to pound the case out of the chamber. I have heard similar comments from magazines and forums. Yes, I did check my lot # for the Hodgon recall. All of my loads will flatten the primers slightly, yet still extract normally. I did find that all of the Cast Performance Bullets were very accurate. I have tried or witnessed their grouping ability in the 357 mag, 44 mag, 45 Colt, 454, 480, 450 marlin. Hope this helps.
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Got into the 454/480 discussion on the Marlin Big Bore forum, things got quite opinionated. Bottom line, they're both good rounds. You'll get higher velocity with the 454 using the lighter (260-300 gr) bullets. When you get into the heavyweights, 454 360 gr, things start to equal out. This high velocity does come about with a much higher operating pressure, gun wear, etc. The 480 can handle much heavier bullet weights. From your post I gather that your looking for bear protection. That means frontal shots which means penetration and stopping power. Bigger is better. Take a look at John Linebaughs penetration test with different calibers. He
has a web site or you can link through several bullet & custom sixgun sites. He shows that a heavy, large caliber slug, at 1,200 to 1,400 fps will out penetrate even the same bullet at a higher velocity.

In regards to the comment on the Hodgon data, I to was dazzled by it. But it's not real world. A pressure barrel was used for testing, so your velocities are going to be lower. I used their data when first working up loads for my 480. I could get near their max charge with WW 296 but pressure was excessive. Cut my thumb up trying to push a single empty out of my SRH. Very very sticky extraction, yet the primer was not excessively flattened. Backed the loads down for easy extraction. I have heard of the same problems with the 454. Note; this does not seem to be the case with the Casull or custom guns (Tight chambers). Hope this helps.

Hey a side note from a newbie. How do you log out of the forum? The only place I've seen was at the reply screen.
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