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I've recently come into a BLR in my favorite 270 win.
I intend to keep this caliber but would like to keep the original oem barrel untouched and get a 'replacement' threaded and installed.
I've been reading everything from 'it can't be done' to 'its simple but delicate' due to the aluminum receiver and lever action.
I'm not afraid of doing the work as I have rebarrelled my old R700 CDL - but does anyone sell an action wrench etc that fits the newer BLR and secures then such that torque doesn't cause problems etc...?
I am intending to have this checked over by my local GS (or done if it's really that delicate) but want to gather more info.

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Does the bolt lock into a barrel extension or into the receiver?
IF the barrel is threaded into the receiver, I wouldn't attempt to take it out. Dissimilar metals don't do well with repeated torqueing.
IF the bolt locks into a barrel extension it severely limits what you can do. First from lack of a supply of those extensions and second in the method of attaching it. Torque threaded, right or left, interference threaded, pressed, silver soldered, or do the locking lugs engage in a machined portion of barrel?
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