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New Browning M71!

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New Browning M71 .348 WCF

For ME!!!!

I picked her up this afternoon, doesn't look like a shot's been fired. Had a little dust and rust color come out of the first patch, but no lead. Very clean rifle. Super excited to shoot her this weekend!

Next up will be a very fine Filson Rifle case to to keep her in.
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I'm guessing 348 Winchester.

Like Mine.

Wow. Nice.... let us know how she shoots!!!!!
Wow, awesome rifle. That is a great score. Scotty
That is one purdy rifle! I presume you're sticking with the standard sights, since you live where things hunt you back and try to EAT you?
The Mod. 71 only comes in one caliber, .348 Win.

Great looking rifle. I know you will love it. It should take care of anything you have on the island. If you hand load load, for anything larger than you Black tails, use 220 grain or better yet 250gr bullets. Barnes makes them. Aloso Buffalo Bore and Grizzly Ammo make high power +P ammo for the .348 in 250 grains bullets.

Give us a report as you gain experience with the rifle.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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