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OK Folks!

New stuff at Beartooth!

First off, you have been asking for a .452"-300g WFNPB bullet for the .45LC.  It is now reality!   The mold on order since last April arrived Saturday!  Excellent bullet!  Very accurate and more economical than the GC bullet.

.45LC-300g WFNPB  &#3612.75/box of 100 bullets

Second:  Also on order for some time we now have available to you a .44-265g WFNGC.   A nice midweight bullet for the .44's and .444's.   This is the proven WFN profile in a gas checked design.   Should be perfect not only in the revolvers, but the little carbines as well.  VERY, VERY accurate in our tests!

.44-265g WFNGC 13.00/box of 100 bullets

Lastly, you know that we worked hard all winter trying to rectify a bullet lube issue.   The reports coming in from our customers indicate that it is by far and away the best lube we have ever used.  We are making it available to those of you who cast your own!  It will be available on a postage paid basis.

For the time being, only solid 4"x1" sticks are available, hollow sticks to come later, (we're working on that one).

3  sticks  12.00
5  sticks  20.00
10 sticks  38.00
25 sticks  82.00

None of these items are on our shopping cart system yet, I'll be pushing Alex to get them up in the next couple of days.   In the meantime, they are still available.   Just put your wants in the comments section if you are ordering online.

Finally, some bad news.  We haven't changed our prices in nearly two years, and with gas-check prices and other components following suit, we will be raising most of our bullet prices the first of April.   We will honor current prices for those orders placed prior to the first of April however.

Thanks to all, and God Bless,

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