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new encore barrel

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well i shot my recently aquired 15" 260 remington bbl. today... not bad, it has a nice tight chamber and the throat looks fairly straight. i made a chamber cast and it's obvious that the throat is a bit crooked but it seems to shoot good just the same.
i threw some loads together with 100gr hornadys, ramshot big game and necked down lake city brass. i was adjusting the zero as i progressed from shot to shot so i didn't really shoot for groups size but i will say that the shots became rather predictable after a few shots so that makes me happy... seems to be a fair bit less recoil than my 7/08 bbl. also. i'm looking foreward to hunting with it this fall. btw, i scoped it with a burris 2-7x handgun scope...
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Big Dan,

What kind of velocity are you getting out of the 100gr Hornady bullets? I shoot a 6.5JDJ 14" Contender barrel and get around 2400fps, with 120gr BT's. I'm sure you get quite a bit better than that with the longer barrel and bigger case of the 260.
don't know yet, its still a bit cold out for the chrono but i do plan to find out... i generally load to get the accuracy i want before i bother with the chronograph. i don't really utilize the chrono like i should throughout the load developement process i usually wait until i have a load that suits me then i check the velocity so's i can plot and memorize the trajectory
I'm guilty of doing the same thing and on more than one occasion I've found a very accurate load, only to be slightly disappointed by the velocity I was getting. Still, I don't use the chronograph the way I know I should, during load development. In fact, mine is broken, right now. :)

When you get a chance to see what those are running, let me know. I'd like to compare it with the Contender barrel I'm shooting.
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