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Came across this board while brushing up on some forgotten knowledge. Specifically old milsurp that was gifted to me. Mostly here for the read and will contribute if I can, not a professional by any stretch but plenty of BTDT's and "won't do that again" moments to fill a shop vac.

Semi-retarted and started a family late, kids need warning labels or somthin' along the lines of "You are too old for this ride." 馃槅

Lemme see, besides the usual assortment one would find in the cabinet on a farm the newest addition would be the .308 semi I added this year. While I enjoy the looks and lines of traditional bolt guns my wayward youth and subsequent stay with Uncle Sugars ( insert derogatory beginning with "A" here) brought a love of MSR's home and subsequent need to figure out how the damn things seem to reproduce every flippin' six months or so. I tried to explain to one of my son's about it having something to do with a stripped lower on the shelf with no one to dance with and ended up with a smack to the back of the brain pan from his mother....

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Welcome to the forum. Gunspeak is the preferred language spoken here.
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