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I have shot two pounds of the stuff. It is a GREAT powder to shoot. Very clean to shoot stuff. I did find that accuracy was best with a fouled rifle. It cleans with solvent and does not like water at all. Also you do not have to swab between shots. It is more powerful then even Triple Seven by a little bit. When you load it, make sure the sabot you use is tight, and that you compress the powder good. Also a very hot primer is needed to fire it off consistently.

Some things bad about it... It is expensive in most cases although the price is coming down. Comes in 10 ounce jugs instead of a 16 ounce (pound) jug like the other powders. Also some people experience very hard fouling in the breech plugs. So hard in fact that they have to be soaked or they have to be scraped clean.

Is it worth the money... Accuracy is good but no better then some of the other powders. Also the velocity of the loads can be made in the other powders at normally a cheaper cost. I do not find the other powders hard to clean, but I hated cleaning the breech plugs when using 209. It is almost impossible to find in my area unless your willing to travel or pay the haz mat.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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