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Despite the best efforts of the Republican leadership, the Democratic majority was able to push through Governor James McGreevey’s (D) so-called "smart gun" bill, A.700. The "McGreevey Gun Ban" was passed 47-11, with 19 abstentions and three not voting. The Republican leadership was successful in forcing the Democratic caucus to put up 41 votes (a simple majority) before releasing any Republicans to vote on the bill. Notably, three Democrats who had been on record as opposing smart gun legislation voted "yes," providing the margin of victory to the Democrats, and then later changing their votes to abstentions. District 3 Assemblymen John Burzichelli (D) and Douglas Fisher (D), as well as District 4 Assemblyman R.J. Smith (D), had previously assured NRA representatives and constituents that they would oppose the bill. Members from those districts should call their Assemblymen and register their outrage. South Jersey NRA members should watch for information explaining how they can get involved in the fight to retake these seats from these anti-gun incumbents. Anyone wishing to volunteer to work against these anti-gun legislators can call NRA-ILA Grassroots at (800) 392-8683. This bill now goes back to the Senate for concurrence and then to Governor McGreevey for his promised signature. All NRA members are encouraged to call the Governor’s office and ask for his veto of this gun-grabbing bill. Also passing the State Assembly on Monday, November 18, was the "ballistic fingerprinting" bill, A.438. This bill was passed by the Democratic leadership despite the efforts of the united Republican caucus and will now go to the Senate. Members are urged to call their Senators and ask for a "no" vote on A. 438.

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