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Hello everyone - I just found this site and enjoyed reading the posts last evening. I am 50 years along and live in southeast Pennsylvania. A plant manager and practicial engineer by day and a black powder shooter at heart. I have built and shot Pa. longrifles for 25 years and want to get into revolvers in the near future. I plan to purchase a Ruger Old Army soon and use it as my main shooter. I also read a post on another site yesterday regarding collecting cap and ball revolvers. This gentleman stated that the reproduction revolvers have been on the market for over thirty years and many of the makers have ceased to produce the weapons. He feels these will be wise to collect as a collection can be a assembeled for a modest amount compared to buying originals. I realize the future is one of the hardest things to predict but would like to know anyones feelings regarding this subject. If a person was going to purchase some of these handguns as an investment, would it be wiser to collect the originals or the reproductions? Its all supply and demand for the item and definitly the originals are limited but many of the reproductions may also be limited if the manufactuers have discontinued their production. Intersted in anyone's comments regarding this subject. Sorry for rambling on but I enjoy this sight and look forward to visiting it in the future.
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Welcome Moby,

Probably won't run into you much because I am not a black powder shooter,yet.

You have found a great site.
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