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i'll try to keep this short, probably won't succeed though!

born in wurzburg germany, son of an army sergeant from killdeer north dakota, and a fine red-headed woman from canon city, colorado. said birth happend in 1971, which makes me old enough to know better, but still a little too young to care sometimes.

have lived in montana all my life, except a brief few years in spearfish south dakota. currently live in lewistown, montana, and i love it. as an outdoorsman it offers every fishing, hunting anf camping opportunity you could think of. mountains, plains and prairie are all within a few minutes, and the people are great too.

the same awesome woman has been putting up with me for 13 years, and we have been married for eleven of them. i have four boys ranging from 12 years to 6 months, and i am happy to report that we have finally found out what was causing them!

my wife is a registered nurse, and i work in the hospitality industry as i have for the last 11 years. it doesn't have much to do with a history degree, but you would be surprised how much it comes in handy. any degree is a good one, but living where i do and working where i work i am glad i went towards history instead of business.

as far as interests, there are the obvious (hunting, fishing, camping, travel, shooting, and history) and the not-so obvious (computers, dungeons and dragons, music, geology, and cooking). in short, i'll give just about anything a try.....

now to the good stuff! my rifles!

i own a marlin m781 .22, which was my first gun and still my favorite. i don't have a picture of it but you all know what they look like~ sitting on top is a little tasco 3-7 .22 scope, which has served me well.

next up i have a howa m1500 in .223. this has turned out to be a HECK of a shooter. as most of you know, howa and weatherby are pretty much one-in-the-same, with the howa being not quite so "purty." i don't have a picture of it, but here is a picture from howa's website.

sitting on top is a sightron s1 3-9x40mm.

this combination is pretty good for target shooting, gophers or varmints. hope to do a little coyote hunting with it this winter!

next up i ahve a marlin 336cs in .30-30 that i bought new-in-box for 200 in september. it was unfired until 12 october, when i took it to the range. shot six shots, all in a one-inch group that surrounded the bullseye, except for one which went right thhrough the bullseye. to put it simply, i LOVE this rifle!

sitting on top is a simmons 44mag 2-7x44mm scope, which in my opinion has to be the perfect deer scope for the perfect deer rifle. the 2-7 magnification is just right for .30-30 ranges, and the 44mm objective is just the ticket for dawn and dusk, which is when i do most of my deer hunting.

fnially we have my pride and joy; a herter's model J-9 in .308. manufactured in yugoslavia by zastava in the mid-to-late 60's, this rifle has a mauser 98 action and a 23.5 inch douglas barrel. accuracy is PERFECT as long as i am not shooting it, and it is pretty good when i am the one pulling the trigger....(i need more practice!!). french walnut stock, milled-steel action, floorplate and triggerguard. this is the same rifle that charles daly is now importing, and i highly recommend them.

sitting on top is a tasco world class plus 3-9x44mm, which makes it a great muley scope and rifle combination.

i see i did not live up to my promise to keep it short!! hope i didn't bore you all totally to death, but i ahve to admit i am rather proud of my rifles and my family, which we have managed to keep together for quite a few years thanks to hard work and the grace of god.

peace to all, and have a good holiday season.


p.s. the handle tasunkawitko comes from the sioux (lakota) language. translated it means crazy horse, the name of a man whom i believe to the greatest patriot on this continent. sure, he was on the losing side, but so was william wallace......
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