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New old gun

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Here is a picture of the refinished 336 that I just got through with. Gun looked like it had been used as a boat paddle when I bought it. The gun had great wood which caught my eye.


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Purdy gun...what caliber and how does she shoot?
She be a 30-30. I have not had a chance to shot it yet.
Nice work jodum! That IS very pretty wood. A keeper for you, or you looking to turn it over?
man thats a real clean looking 336.good work bud..slim
I figure my grandsons will be needing a deer rifle so I plan on just keeping it but you never know. I kinda hate to get rid of one I put so much work in.
Retread ?

Sir, You truly did a fine job on that rifle . Looks more beautiful than a brand new one, in that picture.

Looks great jodum! Got any before pictures as well?
No, but I wish I had taken some pictures. I bought the gun and it sat in my shop for about eight months before I ever got to start work on it. I had already stripped the stock when I remembered I had not taken any before pics. It was a mess though. I like to have never got all the dents out of the wood. My wife got hacked because I was using her steam iron to remove the dents. Yea, like she ever uses it..:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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