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Been looking at the webpages lately and for 2010 the following is offer.

GP100 SS, 4.2" 7 shot .327 Federal
NM Blackhawk, SS, 5.5" 8 shot .327 Federal
NM Super Blackhawk Hunter in .41 Mag, 7.5" (first time that I can remember the Super Blackhawk in other than .44, but pic shows round trigger guard)
SR9c, 10rd compact version in 9x19

Smith & Wesson
New Pro Models of the 442 & 642 without locks and set for moon clips in .38 SPL
Several new 2.5ish" J frames in .38 SPL for full extraction
New 1911 in 9x18
M&P auto in .22LR (not on website yet, several reports)
627/629/657 with 2.5ish", adj sites
M10 Classic with 4" pencil bbl .38 SPL K frame
3rd Gen autos back in line up
M17/M18 Classics .22LR K frame
(that's what I remember seeing and no K frame .357s)
M625 and M629 Mountain Guns are back as limited runs
M629 Trail Boss 3" (don't remember if this is new are not)


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I wish that Ruger would make an SP in 22lr...........I heard that they did at one time, but, I am not sure on that point.
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