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Found my new rifle in .357 20" barrel shoots magnum loads 16-18" high with rear sight adj. all the way down. This is no good so today I removed the leaf and bent it in a vice to apply more downward pressure on the sliding adjuster. The leaf didn't have any spring pressure in last notch now it has plenty. I also modified slider by cutting off fwd. 3/16" so that the leaf can set down on the curved portion beyond the lowest adj. notch. If this is still not enough I will file off the top of the rear sight.
BTW, i chrono'd everything I shot yesterday. The 158 gr. flat point Winchester's shot 1840 +or -, the 148 gr. Win. silver bullet were shooting 2030 to 2050 fps! Does this sound right? Sounds way high to me. I will try my sight work tomorrow.
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