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New Ruger for my collection

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I've traded my 300 RUM, for a Ruger M77 MkII .264 Win Mag. Will look great with my other three Rugers. I have a boat paddle stock waiting to go on it.

So, this will become my dedicated Whitetail rifle. 130gr Accubond about perfect for deer ?
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120 or 130gr tsx! i shoot them (the 130's) in my 6.5x55AI at 3050fps and it punches out itty bitty groups with 'em. while i have not taken game with this bullet a couple seasons back i neck shot a doe at about 100yds with my 25/06AI and a 100gr tsx @ 3550ish fps and was very impressed with the bullets behavior on game!
i think that is a very obtainable goal tang. i use ramshot magnum in my 6.5 and absolutely love it with the 130gr tsx... i use lapua brass and either a fed 215 or cci 250 and they chrono a very consistant 3050fps.
i enjoy the 6.5's... i picked up a 260 remington bbl. for my encore (15") that i've been messing with as time allows. really liking it with 100gr hornady's but i don't know if the 100gr hornady would make a good deer bullet or not... it's not an interlock so i'm thinking 100gr tsx or partition for deer & antelope this fall.

i think that you'll enjoy your new rifle, just remember that maximum velocity is not the final answer otherwise we'd all be shooting 36" barreled ultra mags....
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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