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New Ruger SR1911 pistol

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Finally offical Ruger to make a M1911 .45 ACP, that puts 44 manufactures on the old slab side.

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It's going to be a pretty inexpensive gun, given the MSRP of $799. Like every other entry in slab-side, including the new Remington's - wait for reports before buying. My guess is that, in the end, they'll give both Remington and Springfield headaches, by dividing, further, marketshare. High end makers won't bat an eye.
I'll be interested in seeing/shooting one. They have made some interesting choices in this gun -- the barrel and bushing are machined from the same piece of bar stock, then kept together to assembly; no firing pin safety, but a lightweight titanium firing pin and heavy-duty spring; etc. Could be an interesting, affordable, accurate 1911.
Looks sharp, and appears to be priced right.
that is a good looking gun and you know it will be a good product if ruger put their name on it i might have to get me one
Dang, I have a set of stocks that might look good on one!!!!!
Wow! I just looked at all the handguns on Rugers website on Saturday and the sr1911 was nonexistent.
Frames are casted. Remember Ruger makes the same frames for Caspian. Does have the Ruger billboard on the bottom of the dust cover out of sight. Comes with one ea 7 & 8 rd mags.

Who now makes 1911s and AR15s, Colt, Remington, S&W, Olympic, SIG, Ruger, High Standard, Para Ordanance.........

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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