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I'm quite interested in seeing what type of 50 cal S&W decides to come out with, I've heard everything from a Bowen 50 spl to a 500 Linebaugh max. Personally after shooting S&W guns for over 40 years I am doubtfull they can build one that will hold up to a large 50 cal, without a complete frame and latch redesign. Maybe they will copy Taurus for a change.
By the way the baddest load I have see referenced is a 465g cast at 1550fps out of a 500 Linebaugh Max. To make 1700 fps with a 400g bullet would in my opinion be pushing the 500 max to its limits and would require a frame streach as well as a design change. I would think something in the order of Gary Reeders new 510 GNR would be just perfect for a double action S&W. The 510 GNR as I understand it will be a shortened 500 Linebaugh much akin to what the 480 Ruger is to the 475 Linebaugh. Approx the same velocitys as the 50AE but using the 511/512 dia bullet. Any thoughts out there??
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