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Hopefully you didn't experience any significant problems with down-time when we made this change to the new server. Alex put in massive amounts of time, pre-configuring everything so that it was a pretty seamless change. My many thanks to Alex for his selfless investment of time and his expertise in making this happen for us.

On the new server, as already noted you should see a marked improvement in the speed of the board. Too, we've graduated from our previous host having really taxed the server there. We should see improved performance all around on the website due to a server with more CPU capacity available to us!

Many thanks to all who have helped, and through the year contributed to the forum fund to make this happen. It took a while to put the nuts and bolts of this move together, but we're now hosted by My heartfelt thanks to all who have stood with us through this last year and continued to support this effort!

More later, but for now thank you, and God Bless,

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