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New style Dillon dies

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My old 550B Dillon was stolen out of my storage locker. Tough luck, but I bought a new one, and replaced a few dies sets I also lost. Their new pistol dies? What a truly innovative and nifty design! They literally "pop" apart, with those neat little spring clips, for super-fast cleaning. And they also come with a replacement de-priming pin. Nifty!

I's like to see Dillon come up with a well-engineered little battery operated LED lighting unit that perches right there. I've been reloading for > 40 yrs, and me ewlde eyes t'aint quite what they use-tah be, sonny! A bright light that hits right on the spot would be useful, esp. to visually check powder level on Stn 2 right after you bell & fill it.

I also still have the Dillon cartridge counter that used to clip on to their older tall dies and count the rounds that go through the last Stn 4 position. Guess that one's of no further use, huh?

I may have to buy a Square Deal to just do large quantities of .223. Anyone have experience with those units?
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