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Thank you for the kind words!  I'm glad you found some useful information in your Technical Guide!

I think in the handgun cartridges expecially you will find a rather moot difference betweent the WFN and the WLN bullet configurations in practical field applications.

The advantage the WFN profile has over the WLN is that it has more bearing surface, which generally speaking will equate in better accuracy... at least to a small degree.  This is expecially true if you have a handgun vexed with worse than nominal cylinder/barrel alignment!  The longer bearing surface of the WFN bullet will enhance the accuracy potential of these less-than desirable guns!

They do indeed have a purpose, and if you want to develop less than full throttle loads, the WFN, which occupies more case capacity for equal weight bullets than when compared to the WLN profile, will create a more efficient burning of powder with lighter charges.

Hope this helps you sort through the maze of variables that we call fun in handloading!

God Bless,

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