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New Tikka T3

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New here. New shooter. Bought a new Tikka T3. Am I in the right topic? Cleaning and care part of training?

Question: what do I really need for a cleaning kit? Premade kit? Build my own? Full rod, compact pieced rod, does it matter? What jags? Brushes?

Found a lot of stuff out there. Some good but some I'm sure is junk. Don't want to risk damaging my barrel or anything. Don't want it exploding on me.

Thanks everyone!
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First off I'd highly recommend a bore guide.

Rods; use a one piece rod. I've have a bunch of different brands but my favorite is the Dewey (carbon fiber?). Anyway it has a ball bearing handle and the rod will flex but not bend or damage the bore.

Solvents: Take your pick. There are a bunch of them on the market. I have Shooter's Choice, Butch's Bore Shine, Sweets 7.62 and J-B cleaning compound. Used a bunch of others in the past and there is a lot I haven't tried.

Brushes: Use the solid brass type, not the ones with the twisted steel wire. My cleaning box has Pro-Shot brushes in it. Consider the brushes an expendable item. When they get loose in the bore toss them or use 'em on a rifle with the next smaller bore.

Patches: Don't have a preference there. Just pick something that's a tight fit on the jag in your bore.

Also pick up an aerosol can of Break Free CLP. I have Remoil handy wipes for going over the gun to remove fingerprints after handling. One of those will last a long time if you return it to a baggie after using it.
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Didn't notice you are new here...... Welcome to the shooters forum!
I've decided on getting a bore guide. I think they're all the same, no? Getting a tipton. One piece carbon rod.
I owe you an apology. Tipton was the rod I was thinking of so you got the right one after all.

Although bore guides have a wide range of applications, make sure the one you buy will work with your rifle..
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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