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New Tikka T3

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New here. New shooter. Bought a new Tikka T3. Am I in the right topic? Cleaning and care part of training?

Question: what do I really need for a cleaning kit? Premade kit? Build my own? Full rod, compact pieced rod, does it matter? What jags? Brushes?

Found a lot of stuff out there. Some good but some I'm sure is junk. Don't want to risk damaging my barrel or anything. Don't want it exploding on me.

Thanks everyone!
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Revisit the shop you purchased the Tikka from (great rifle by the way) and they should have what you require.
I would have thought they would have asked anyway ...few more dollars in the till :)
Many different approaches to cleaning but initially if this is a brand new rifle then buy a couple of boxes of shells and go to the range. Fire five shots the patches through the barrel, wet patch ..dry patch, with a final two dry patches as you must NEVER fire your rifle with oil or cleaning fluid in the barrel. It MUST be perfectly dry.
Five more shots and same again and personally I do this for a full twenty rounds. IMPORTANT allow the barrel to fully go cold between sets.
Second box use to get used to your rifle shooting three down ....three down and the final five to zero and then leave as is with your barrel fouled.
If you clean the barrel at this point you will/should fire a couple of shots to foul the barrel again as it can make a big difference in where the rifle prints.

OK, now you will, without doubt, get another dozen different ideas :)

What calibre ????
Hi. Thanks for the advice. It's quite accurate on what the salesman said to do. He said to clean before firing as there is some oil in the barrel when sold. He had many many different kinds of kits but he didn't want to tell me which direction to go. I respect that. A full kit? Make my own kit? Which brand of kit? what type of rod to stay away from? It's a 30-06. Although I'm sure this won't be the last firearm I buy I don't think purchasing except for all calm and gauges would be practical unless the price is right and its cheaper than building my own kit.

lots to learn and lots to practice but the last thing I want to do is scratch up my barrel with a cheap made rod.
Didn't notice you are new here...... Welcome to the shooters forum!
Thanks MontyF for the welcome! The advice is great. I'll be looking cleaning supplies this week.
Wow, I picked the right forum website. Thanks for all the great advice. Thanks "Triple" for the invite.

I've decided on getting a bore guide. I think they're all the same, no? Getting a tipton. One piece carbon rod. The hopps brand solvents and oils.

I've made my own cradle from some scrap wood I had, glued foam to the cradles. And glued a plastic parts organiser tray on it. That saved me $50. :)

Bought a new membership to a shooting range. Plenty of time to practice before hunting season. Thanks everyone!!!

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