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New to me 22

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This first one is an unknown manufacturer. Supposedly a Belgian gun.

Wind instrument Musical instrument Sleeve Hand tool Shotgun
Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Automotive wheel system Tints and shades
Wood Gas Glass Twig Fashion accessory
Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Rim Bumper
Jersey Sleeve Sportswear Collar Bag
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Very interesting 22. Have you shot it? Is it a single shot? How will you work the bolt when you mount a scope on it? 🤣
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It's a single shot. Managed to shoot it but need to put up a new paper. Couldn't tell where it was hitting for sure. And it will stay open sights.
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Shoots pretty well now that it's sighted in. Was shooting way to the right.
Looks a sweet little gat ,I have a Lithgow 1B very similar ,got to luv single shot .22 lr.............. (y)
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