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The 86 winchester action is long enough to accomodate a COAL of about 2.88 to 2.9 inches.  That is the OAL of the 45/90 and 50/110 both cartridges that were originally chambered in the 86.  The problem is that the new production rifles are set up to chamber SAMMI spec 45/70 cartridges with a COAL of 2.55 inches.  In order to get the Rifle to chamber longer cartridges some work must be done to the throat, feed gate and maybe to the cartridge carrier.  Cartridges of about 2.7 to 2.75 inches will feed through the gate.  Cartridges of about 2.8 inches will Cycle from through the action from the tube magazine into the chamber.  But the throat is short and will only chamber cartridges of about 2.55 inches or so.  I am not sure exactly where the crimp groove is located on the Speer bullet but I suspect that you can get it to work with a throat job which should allow you to use bullets about 2.7 to 2.75 inches.  If you want to get more out of your 86 opening up the feed gate will get you to 2.8 inches and some mods to the carrier will get you to 2.88 inches.
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