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New Winchester Model 71

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I saw over on another forum that Winchester is offering a Shot Show special for new Model 71's (made by Japanese company?).

Anyone seen one on a distributor's website?
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I have two Brownings made in Miroku Japan.

They are far and away the finest lever actions I own. While I do have other rifles I love just as much none of them even come close to the same quality in fit and finish. Some others might get close but none surpass them.

Fremont if one of the rifles you've seen are actually available at this time, any gun dealer worth his salt can order one for you. You might not like his one time especial order price tag, but the difference in cost and shipping must also be applied when he gives you his price, as opposed to anothers listed price from out of state or which ever.
You can always go the gun broker dot com. route.

But thats a whole other story.
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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