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New Winchester Model 71

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I saw over on another forum that Winchester is offering a Shot Show special for new Model 71's (made by Japanese company?).

Anyone seen one on a distributor's website?
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I'm new to this forum but have owned a Browning Saddle Ring Carbine (45-70) and one of the Winchester 1886 Extra Lightweight Rifles (45-70) both of which were Mirokus. I just ordered the new Model 71 last week from a dealer in town but I'm told that it won't be arriving in my neck of the woods until late Summer or Fall. When I bought my Saddle Ring Carbine back in 92, it took 8 or 9 months for it to come in. I really like the Mirokus and I'm really looking forward to my new .348 coming in. I've never owned one or fired one before but I've done a lot of reading on the subject in the past couple of weeks. I ordered some dies, brass and bullets over the internet yesterday which should be arriving in a week or so. I can at least start tinkering with a few reloads in anticipation of this formidable hunting weapon.
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I didn't think it had the rebounding hammer. That's disappointing.
I guess we'll just have to accept the fact that it is a safer design and "better" than the original.
I couldn't wait for them to make them over in Japan. I figured since the natural disaster has occurred that it would be delayed even further so I bought an original. Should be arriving here tomorrow or the day after. I can hardly wait!

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It's a Lyman sight. I paid $2k for the rifle. (Ouch!)
Has anyone in North America seen one of the new Model 71s yet? It's been 2 years since they've been introduced and I haven't heard of anyone getting one.
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