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New Winchester Model 71

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I saw over on another forum that Winchester is offering a Shot Show special for new Model 71's (made by Japanese company?).

Anyone seen one on a distributor's website?
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The 71's make good hunting rifles for large game of all sorts, but they also make good grouse and small game guns. I've been tinkering with round ball loads some. .350" round ball, coated with Lee liquid alox, over about 3-4 grains of Red Dot. It makes about as much noise as a 22 LR high speed load, and kills grouse well without tearing them up too bad. Still tinkering to find the best accuracy, but so far good enough to shoot grouse within 20 yards.

71 in snow bank in the Rockies in July at 10,000 ft el.

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Best .348 ammo for elk? Would the Hornady FTX 200gr. take an elk?
One of the regulars on the Leverguns forum* uses a 348 with the 200 gr Hornady bullets for elk. He reports around 30 inches of penetration in elk on angled shots. Shouldn't be any problems.

*Big Sky 56, looks like hes a regular here also. Post 10

The 348 is only limited by range, and the ancient flat nose bullet doesn't help.

I'd say the pointed FTX will help on range/distance, but the plastic- tipped bullets tend to be hollow points underneath. So they might over expand at short range, 75 yards.

Bullet weight is not as important as shot placement.
The Hornady 200 gr 348 bullet has a fairly decent BC as opposed to their 170 gr 30-30 bullet (which is perhaps closer to a wadcutter than a proper rifle bullet as regards BC). Check the numbers of their bullet with good loads. The leverevolution may not be all that much of an improvement. They certainly fudged the numbers when making their ads for the 30 cal bullets. Use real life info, not ad copy. Same sight in rage, same sight height, etc, not cherry picked and dissimilar info that makes the leverevolution look better than it really is.
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Should be fine with either. Whatever you have enough of to practice with.

I sighted mine about 2 1/2" high @ 100 with Lyman receiver peep and Redfield Sourdough front blade. Holding on the top edge of the 18" 300 yard plate I was making good hits. The gun will shoot flat enough for iron sighted hunting, or perhaps a bit farther than most would shoot with irons when hunting. The range limitation is going to be more the shooter than the particular load.
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