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New Winchester Model 71

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I saw over on another forum that Winchester is offering a Shot Show special for new Model 71's (made by Japanese company?).

Anyone seen one on a distributor's website?
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I just pickup a Model 71 Win. It's serial number, a four digit, indecates it to be a first year production. I've wanted one for a very long time and I very happy to get it'
So you mean an original, not one of the new ones?
Which ever good for you, they are great guns!!!
Old mod.71

This isn't a new reproduction. This is a 1936 rifle. They only made four the first year 1935.
Yes, I got three box's and ten loose rounds with the rifle. I just got 348 Hornady reloading dies and a shell holder #25 RCBS and a box of 200gr. bullets. You'll get a kick out of this, one box had a price tag of $6.99 and another had a price tag of $8.99. The other box was in bad shape and I couldn't see a price on it. A frend of mine in Kansas who deals ammo said the ammo wholesales for over $50.00 a box Both of the box's with price tags looked like they had just come off the shelf. I haven't fired the rifle yet, but when I do, I'll be able to reload the cases.
I forget to mention, my 71 has the peep sight that is mounted on the bolt. Cooooooooool
I just called Winchester to ask about the availability of the new Model 71's, shown on their website under "Shot Show Specials". They told me they aren't in yet, but they're expecting two shipments: one in December, and one in January. Time to be patient. :)
That's about the time frame a Win rep told me recently. I have my name and deposit on one.
If you get yours first, you'll have to let me know how you like it. :)
Unfortunately, the original maodel 71s were not tapped for scopes or receiver sights. the original Delux Mod 71 did have the square bolt top machined for a small peep sight, very fraile.

The Browning/winchester/Miroku reproductions that I've handled are also do not have tap holes. I'd tap a reproduction, but not an original, it lowers the collector value significantly.

If you own a 348, you really need to reload. I like the cast bullets for deer and jacketed for all else. It generally compares to the 35 whelen.
Pedersoli is pleased to produce this famous rifle with a match grade, precision made barrel, in a configuration that is ideal for hunting.

Calibre: .45-70. Barrel: 24" round. Grooves: 6. Overall Length: 42.5". Weight: 7.5 lb. Finish: Blued barrel and receiver. Features: Checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forend, short magazine tube.

Premium version available with select wood and case hardened receiver.
Pedersoli makes a clone Winchester 71 that's pretty darn close to the original with no tang safety & no rebounding hammer nonsense.
Pedersoli states the gun comes with a match grade barrel.
It comes in 2 grades & having handled both I can say without reservation that the furniture is absolutely gorgeous in both of them.
I'm saving my shekels to buy one of the Pedersoli made 71's. From friends that have handled them they say the fit and finish is very good.

I have a Browning 71 and having a clone in .45-70 sounds like too much fun!
I guess we'll just have to accept the fact that it is a safer design and "better" than the original.
Perhaps it is "safer", but I will not accept the "better" part.
Anybody seen or have any of the new Winchesters. I have always wanted a M71, so I am thinking one of the new ones would be pretty cool!
I checked the status of mine Thurs and was told they aren't in yet.
When it comes in you'll be expected to be at my house the following weekend for testing.

I can do that :D

I have a ton of the 200 grn Hornady, 200 Barnes X and 250 Barnes Originals and 500 pieces of brass collecting dust....
I bought the Pedersoli Deluxe version of their model 86/71.
Comes with a match grade barrel.
50 yard groups are indeed very small.
Fit, finish, action cycling & workmanship are impeccable which is to be expected considering the "coin" you need to drop on the shop counter to take one home.
Has anyone in North America seen one of the new Model 71s yet? It's been 2 years since they've been introduced and I haven't heard of anyone getting one.
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