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Newbie with a question about a "New to me" 94

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Good morning!

First post here. Local pawnshop find - a Mod 94 Carbine in .32 Winchester Special dates to 1950. It's had some reblueing done but I also did not pay much for it. Excellent shape overall and shoots really well.

My question is this. It has sling swivels and to my knowledge that is unusual. The rear swivel is screwed directly into the wood of the stock and the front swivel is integral to the forearm band. Can anyone tell me whether this setup could be original from the factory? I went through George Madis' book and only saw one 94 with sling swivels and the front one there was not part of the forarm band.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you guys may have.

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I tried briefly to remove the front swivel to see if there is a copper screw under there. Then I decided that until I had more time I should not mess with it but I think that there is not a screw holding the swivel to the forearm band but something more like a rivet that is not tight allowing the swivel to turn freely.

Whether it is original or an add on, I can't tell but it does look very professionally done.

Anyone else with an idea?


Thanks for all the advice. I'm guessing that the swivels on my carbine did not come from the factory but I'd hold out the possibility that they were added in long ago. Don't think I will do anything about them - just enjoy the carbine as it is.

And Zeke - good luck with reloading for your carbine. I'm a reloader too but doubt I will for this gun. I bought one box of factory ammo for it, fired three rounds, and probably it will just go on the rack with the others until some grandson is ready for it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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