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On 8-23-02, Daughter and Son-In-Law wanted me to come up and stay the night so I could help them the next morning moving some heavy things. At 3: am son in law wakes me up and says comeon. Not being awake I get dressed and go with him. We arrive at Lake Tahoe around 4:30 (had to stop and pick up someone else), the son in law informs me I'am being treated to a charter boat fishing trip for my birthday by him and my daughter. (wife knew and had to keep biting her tounge to keep from saying any thing) Nice Supprise. We left the dock at 5:15 am along with 6 other friends of my son in law's. Returned at 11:30 am with a load of fish. Limit is 2 mackanaw trout per fisherman, and we all limited out. Were pulling them up from 350 ft to 500 ft. Not bad but I got the two largest fish, 24 1/2 and 24 inches. After we got back was treated to lunch. Great bunch of guys to fish with and the captain of the boat knows where to fish.
One of the guys had a digital camera and is going to e-mail the pictures in a day or so. When I get them will post for all to see.


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