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Congrats on your .223 loads! Sometims it's better to be lucky than good.

Interesting thought on nickel cases in Titanium guns. I have a Taurus Ti .357. The Cor-Bon loads 'drag' a little when extracting, and they are nickel-plated. Haven't tried any equivalent plain brass loads for comparison. Normally I would polish the chambers, but they look slick, and I don't shoot it a lot. Plus it's a defensive gun and I don't carry any extra ammo, so a fast reload isn't an issue. If 7 shots of .357 don't get the job done, it's going to make an expensive club.

On the Lee sizer, should work for your purposes BUT I would expect that you may have to reduce the size of the mandrel a bit to get enough neck tension. Nickel cases are pretty hard so they may spring back a little more than a brass case with that sizing system. Might need to take off 0.001" or 0.002". Just something to check if you have a neck tension problem with the reloads.

I'd probably go ahead and polish the chamber anyway. Can't hurt and who knows, you might hit a fabulous deal on a bucket full of plain .223 brass.
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